What’ll Ya Have?

What’ll Ya Have? – The Retro Aesthetic of the Varsity

The Varsity has been serving their famous chili dogs and orange drinks since the 1920’s and not much has changed since then! For this built environment description, I decided to focus on the retro atmosphere of the famous burger and hotdog joint. Although I have never been much of a hot dog fan, there are still many reasons to enjoy this place! The atmosphere is so energetic and lively! I grew up going to the Varsity so this wasn’t my first go round. Every time I walk in I automatically feel like I should be in a poodle skirt.

While doing some research and comparing pictures of the past Varsity, nothing has changed! The exterior and interior of the restaurant looks pretty much the same! Not many moderations have been done to the place, just expansions. The original Atlanta Varsity underwent its first renovations in 1940, which is when the typical Varsity looks we all know was created. The white walls, the flashy yellow and red colors that excite you though your entire stay, and the big Varsity sign that can be seen from GA Tech’s football stadium, or driving down I-75 which was later partnered with Coca-Cola in 2000. Since these renovations not much was done other than expansion. In 1970 the drive through began to slow down and most business was inside, people just had to get a feel for the inside of the famous Atlanta building. This expansion of 3,500 square feet added more than 600 seats for customers. Since the original Varsity in Atlanta, 4 more locations have been opened as well as 2 smaller versions in the ATL airport.

After all these renovations and expansions, the Varsity, unlike McDonald’s, decided to keep their same initial interior. Leaving, what was once very in for its time, the guest in present day feeling as though they’re stepping into a movie from the 1950’s. The Varsity is still partnered with Coca-Cola, who’s signs and logos are also seen as retro. The same vibrant red color still decorates the entirety of the place. The famous line “What’ll Ya Have?” is still shouted to the customers when they walk up to the check out. The stylish paper hats are still available for customers if they wish to look like any employee. The drive through is still a popular area for tourists and Atlanta Residents! Drive in, order a chili dog and Varsity Orange and enjoy the views of Atlanta

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