So What Did I have?

So What did I have?

A glorified steak and ring one! My boyfriend, who I think was more excited to partake in this BED than I was, ordered a plain steak and strings. Although neither of us ordered the famous Varsity Orange, our trip was one for the books! The atmosphere was upbeat and alive! There’s lots to choose from on the menu, many variations of ways to order just a simple hot dog or hamburger. We visited around 1:30, so it wasn’t too crowded. There were some construction workers, older couples, and of course some GA Tech students. My favorite part was the wonderful scenery of Atlanta from all angles, through every window you can see some sort of sky line. I can see why the Varsity is still around and still a huge part of Atlanta. Not only was the food great, but the overall experience. It was also crazy to think about how George W. Bush and Barack Obama had been in that very place and encountered all that I was experiencing as well! Although I have only lived a few minutes away from the Varsity since I moved to Georgia State, this is my only time eating there so far. I am for sure already planning my next visit. I don’t believe Atlanta will be getting rid of the Varsity any time soon, it’s a staple place for anyone strolling through Atlanta to visit.

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